Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've been back from my European for quite a while but trying to pen my first posting since proved to be a monumental task especially with the many assignments to catch and the many task to attend to. Hence the absence of any entry in March, April and stretching into May.

There are actually many articles to write which I've been thinking of writing especially on the trip and many interesting watches to display on the blog but the mind kind of devoid of the electric spark to trigger the right energy to the fingers to string those right pieces of words together.

Look around and ponder on what and how to start...

 Eventually my eyes glued and settled on these three pieces on sovernier desk clocks, meant for presents to closed ones, my wife and I picked up in Italy.

We were in Rome when we picked up this beautiful and shining desk clock as a memento specially for my father. On the way to Pantheon from Trevi fountain, we found a chic shop full of clock.

When we entered the shop, we're amazed to see the bountiful of clocks displayed all hand made from ceramic.

Though spoilt for choices, we managed to pick one piece to remind us of our trip...

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