Saturday, April 30, 2011


Umnyashov pronounced as ‘um-ya-shov’ is a new name of Russian watch model I just got acquainted today. This limited edition timepiece of 500 pieces is extra special to me as it is directly acquired in Arbat street, Moscow by someone very dear and special to me.

I’ve never given much attention to Russian watches until my recent visits to Red Army at the Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to Red Army for instilling my passions for Russian watches. A check with Red Army today confirmed that even the store has yet to carry the range of UMNYASHOV.

Wow, that made this acquisition more exquisite. Thanks Uncle…

Enjoy the following article on the history of Alexander Umnyashov, to understand the background of the famous designer.


Limited edition no: 180/500


Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, calendar, stopwatch, chronograph, 24-hour pointer

Case: stainless steel

Glass: Mineral

Diameter: 45 mm

Unsigned crown


Type: chronograph with manual winding

Caliber: Poljot 31681

Number of jewel: 25

Shock resistant device: yes

Balance swing period: 1/3s

Frequency: 28,800 vph\

Working time: 42 hours, with a stopwatch function off, 37 hours with a stopwatch function on

Water resistant watch with no indication of overpressure or with the indicated pressure of 2 gauge atmosphere, 3gauge atmosphere (2bar, 3bar or 20m, 30m) protects from splashes and water with no presure.

Strap: Genuine black leather with white stiching

Unsigned stainless steel buckle

About Umnyashov brand

The creator of the watch mark UMNYASHOV, Alexander Umnyashov is a hereditary watchmaker. In the era of the Soviet watch industry he worked at the First Moscow Watch Factory "Flight" where he studied and mastered all the subtleties of watchmaking. This knowledge became the basis for Alexander when he created his brand concentrating the most valuable qualities of Soviet watches: high quality and reliability, reasonable/democratic price, recognizable uncompromising design.

The influence of a more remote from us layer of the Soviet era Constructivism is felt in the watch design. For all that, UMNYASHOV is an absolutely modern brand, it is a fusion of old and new, Russian and foreign features, because it could be hard to imagine Soviet watches devoted to American warplanes, but Alexander being inspired by this theme speaks of his cosmopolitan perception of reality.

For many years Alexander was keen on studying of military equipment. This hobby turned into a deep knowledge in this area, and logically led to another interest such as design. In fact, the design of military equipment is hundred percent functional, herewith, it delights with its pithiness and it reflected in the “architecture”, morphology of watch collection.

So three Alexander’s passions such as watches, military equipment, and design were embodied in his creations.

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