Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Looking at my diary, practically all Saturdays and Sundays are now fully booked for wedding receptions, starting from mid-Syawal right up to Zulkaedah. I’m real glad to receive those invitations and always try to make time to attend irrespective of the distance. 

The only drawback now is I’m still feeling lethargic and tire very fast especially after driving long distance. I guess I still need another couple of months more to fully recover from my illness.

Back to the wedding occasions, I always have difficulty choosing the right present. Perhaps that’s the reason why I noticed most people are now opting to give cash or ‘angpow’ as wedding presents.

Maybe I’m kind of old fashion that prefers to give wedding presents to friends. The only problem is I tend to choose clocks or watches.

Balik-balik jam gak...

One clock that I love very much is the CITIZEN neo-classical clock, purchased from an old watch merchant shop in Ipoh last year. At 2 kg, it’s kind of heavy, solid and intricately designed.Apparently, CITIZEN of Japan has since ceased production of clocks concentrating on wrist watches. 

When we purchased that neo-classical clock last year, we were told that was the last piece available. Recently, another similar new piece, the twin brother, appeared at the same shop . 

I thought it might be a nice and fitting to purchase and hand over the twin brother as the wedding present to my friend, CLASSIC MALAYA, a fellow blogger who is having his wedding reception this Sunday, 17 October 2010 in Kuala Lumpur.

SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU kepada Sdr Ram Sulaiman dan Elina.  

Semoga dikurniakan kebahagiaan, ditingkatkan rezeki dan kesejahteraan yang berkekalan...

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  1. owh i wish that you attend my wedding last year...


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