Saturday, July 31, 2010


There were many instances when friends asked for ideas on original watches to purchase as gifts. There were also instances when friends called to source for specific new original Swiss models just released on the market with intention to procure. I have no qualm about meeting such requests even at the minimal or nil margins. What is more paramount is the friendship developed. 

Friends do acknowledge that I only entertain requests for original watches, be it Swiss, Japanese, German or Italian. So, they confined themselves within that territory and never at a moment venture into the replica zone. I just despise replica and fakes especially those people who idolised replicas to the extent of using replicas to do reviews of established brands and models as if they are originals and genuine. What a shameless and despicable act!

Homage is a different matter as it carries its own brand name and not trying to disguise otherwise.

Back to the friends requests of sourcing watches for gifts. Last week I received a request from a very close friend of mine to recommend him a suitable Swiss watch for a gift to a valuable employee who is opting out for a new venture.

I scouted around for a reasonably good watch to his technical and financial specifications and managed to prise one brand new unit of Tissot Couturier from a friendly store who is an authorized Tissot dealer to the specifications script. 

Felt elated when the choice was well received. Got the watch engraved and completed the handover. 

Glad to do service to friends especially knowing that your little gestures are highly appreciated...

Model no. T0354101105100

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