Saturday, June 26, 2010


A couple of Tissot T-One for men and ladies from 2010 Tissot collections representing the Tissot motto of finest design and quality innovation is our first presentation of the many more Tissot series oncoming.

This pair looks simple and astoundingly impeccable yet the price is astonishingly reasonable at just below RM 2,000 a piece.

New Men's watch as exhibited earlier as per article 150

New Ladies's watch as exhibited earlier as per article 151

Guaranteed authentic with serial number. The new watch comes with original Tissot outer and inner box, warranty certificate and manual.

Supplier of watches : Tissot authorised dealer

Please call me at 010-3010018 for the best possible price/ Sila hubungi saya untuk rundingan harga terbaik

Brief History of Tissot

Tissot, a Swiss name, was established in the year 1853 when Charles-Félicien Tissot with his son Charles-Emile set the foundation of this prominent business in the city of Le Locle.

Buoyed by an extremely pioneering spirit and a forceful drive for mechanical craft, these two innovators introduced fresh innovative designs into the watchmaking industry.

Throughout the existence of the Company, Tissot designs have captured the imaginations of people across the globe. From its inception, the company's skilled engineers and technicians contributed thoroughly in the growth and development of new attractive watch models.

Manned by a strong professional and technical crew the company proceeded on to become the first producer of the anti-magnetic watch. It also holds the proud record of being the first to produce plastic watch, the "Rock Watch", the "Wood Watch" and "T-touch".

Along with the production of some exemplified "first of its kind watches", the Tissot Company also stamped its presence in the field of sports through its participating major sports events: like the Davis Cup in 1957 as the timekeeper and also its participation at the downhill skiing in Switzerland in the 1938.

At present, Tissot Company is still active as the authorized timekeeper for various sporting galas: road biking, circuit racing, cycling, ice hockey and fencing.

All these sporting events demand for supreme dependability and accuracy, signifying the meticulousness, articulateness, significance and excellence of the Tissot brand.

By 2003, when the company celebrated its 150th anniversary, Tissot is already an esteemed household name. Tissot without any doubt, is not only sought after in Switzerland but established as one of the most admired affordable quality brand throughout the world.

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