Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am most grateful to the Almighty.

Ever since this blog was launched exactly 150 days ago, responses from all over the world have been overwhelming. Never in my wildest dreams would I foresee that such a simple blog from a newbie like me displaying a range of various popular Swiss and Japanese watch models would attract such a big traffic in a short space of time.

As the visitors roll clocked the 20,000 mark on May 11, I was thrilled to bits. The most significant factor is that, those visitors are from 104 countries representing 59 % of the traffic leaving only a mere 41% for visitors from Malaysia, my home country.

United States of America head the list of foreign visitors. A total of 34 of 50 states across USA popped to say hi to this blog. United Kingdom is second with Indonesia breathing down the neck in third place. North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia are all represented.

Hope to see Greenland making a call here.

On the ‘All Watch Site’ where this blog is listed, LT Watch Gallery shot to the no. 2 ranking on May 10.

Thanks guys!

When I started blogging I admired a watch blog JAMKOLEKSI, moderated by a university lecturer, capturing a huge following despite its simplicity. Sadly, the blog has since become a cobweb for some mysterious reason.

I followed another blog selling vintage and pre-owned watches online after my first purchase from Ebay and along the way purchased many more units which I considered reasonably priced. As time passed, I moved on to pick up a few broken pieces from that blog that were then successfully resuscitated and refurbished under my refurbishment programmes. Such was the relationship that today, Ijan, the blog owner of JAMLAMA from Bintulu, Sarawak, I consider a very close friend. Many of his broken pieces also had been resuscitated by my technical crew and successfully retailed by him upon resuscitation.

Besides my father whom I have the greatest respect, I consider Dato' Syed Mohri, the blog owner of IRHOMDEYS VINTAGE WATCH COLLECTION as my mentor. His blog registered a total exceeding 200,000 visitors from 163 countries round the world registering a mere 16.7% of total visitors from Malaysia, an achievement of no small feat indeed! He whom I normally consulted from time to time has generously on many occasions passed his invaluable experience and tips to me in online watch trading.

His blog achievement in recording high sales volume, the fantastic range of watches on display and the huge traffic volume is the best indicator for me to strive in pursuing the best for this blog’s target.

In the pursuit for excellence, Plans are in the pipeline to upgrade this blog to a website cum blog in due time in order to improve the quality of displays, photographs, information and news. At the same time more recent models of quality will be exhibited and retailed at competitive prices as a gesture of gratitude to the fabulous support received to date.

I have kept to my promise to display only original models on this blog as my mark of respect to the original designers and intellectual properties proprietary’s rights.

To All Visitors And Buyers, Thank You Again. God Bless You All.



Dipanjatkan segala kesyukuran kehadrat Ilahi.

Sejak 150 hari blog ini dilancarkan sambutan pengunjung yang hebat amat membanggakan. Apatah lagi bagi seorang anak muda yang amat mentah dalam dunia horologi, masih berjinak-jinak mencari tapak, meraba-raba menempa ruang jaringan dan terawang-awang meneroka pasaran niche yang sesuai dalm dunia niaga online.

Berkat sokongan rakan-rakan dan para mentor yang lebih berpengalaman, hari ini 20,000 pengunjung daripada 105 negara termasuk Malaysia telah singgah berlabuh sejenak di blog ini.

Kunjungan yang amat bererti buat saya untuk meningkat tekad dan azam agar persembahan selanjutnya bertambah kualitas dari sudut informasi, model, photo dan paparan.

Sebagai tanda penghargaan, sewajarnyalah langkah seterusnya adalah meningkat taraf blog ini kepada sebuah laman web sambil mengekalkan format blog yang mudah di ikuti. Usaha kearah itu kini sudah dirancang.

Teruskan kunjungan, pilihlah mana yang berkenan di hati dan berilah tawaran dengan selesa...saya sedia timbangkan jika kena cara dan harga.

Tanpa saudara sekalian, blog ini takkan pun kemana.

Salam hormat dari saya...

Terima kasih daun keladi.

Luangkan masa, sudi-sudilah untuk singgah lagi...


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